Become A Trusted Developer

What does it mean to adopt the Principles and become a trusted developer? 

By signing the form below, you agree to adhere to the Developers Trust Alliance Principles of Openness & Transparency, Security & Data Integrity, and Responsible Data Stewardship (found here). The Principles and associated Best Practices give developers guidelines to follow in managing user information, and give consumers an understanding of what it means to be a trusted developer. This initiative comes at a pivotal time as the relationship between consumers and developers evolves, regulators and policymakers scrutinize how developers and companies use data, and the overall data economy grows. 

Adopting the Principles and next steps

Once you've submitted the form below, we will review your application, including the privacy policy for your website and/or app. If approved, we will follow up via email with an agreement to formalize your application. Once the agreement is signed, you will become a member of the Developers Trust Alliance and we will send you the Developers Trust Alliance mark to place on your website and/or app as well as suggested materials you may use to share your commitment. We encourage you to share your commitment to this initiative with your networks, customers, and users. 

In exchange, we ask for your logo to place on the Trusted Developers page and link it directly to your privacy policy. By submitting this information, you agree that we may use your company name and logo on the Developers Trust Alliance and Developers Alliance social media pages. 


Know your local laws when agreeing to adhere to the Principles. Only approved members of the Developers Trust Alliance that have completed a license agreement may use the Developers Trust Alliance mark on their website or app. 

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