For Consumers

Why do developers need all of this information about me in the first place?

Data has many uses. If you review our website, you will find several examples of how data is helping us to solve complex problems in healthcare, science, and social policy. In many cases, the value of data is not tied to a specific individual but comes from looking for patterns in de-identified data across larger groups.

A good policy should be easy to read; if you find jargon, the developer is not following best practices. Our website lists 11 principles that good developers follow here - look for how these are reflected in their privacy policy.

How do I know if I am providing too much information and should be suspicious? And what information should I never provide?

Trust is a function of what you’re sharing, who you’re sharing it with, and the context in which the sharing takes place. You likely have trusted relationships in the offline world: use your instincts online as well. The Developers Trust Alliance is our attempt to provide you the ability to make personal trust decisions online with confidence.

Like everyone else, developers need to pay rent, hire employees, and pay their taxes. They do this by either charging directly for their apps and services, or by offering them free to consumers and using the data people agree to share to create value elsewhere (and get paid for that service).

I have been notified of a third party having access to my data. Should I be worried?

While third party access to your data is not necessarily a cause for concern, it should not come as a surprise if the parties involved follow the Developers Trust Alliance principles. If the parties are Trust Alliance members, they will provide you with details of how the data was obtained, the parties involved, and how and why the data is being used.

I have been notified of a breach, what are my next steps?

If the breach involves a member of the Developers Trust Alliance, they will have provided you with instructions and contact information in the notice of breach. If they are not a member, we’d suggest you reach out to the notice provider or your local consumer protection agency.

I want to delete my account but I am unsure that will delete my data. Should I be worried?

Members of the Developers Trust Alliance follow the principles and best practices found here on our website. These principles include a commitment to promptly remove account and user data when a consumer makes a request (subject to local laws, if any). Details on how exactly the request is implemented will be found in their privacy policy.