What "Trusted Developer" Means To Consumers

With so many new applications and services out there, it’s hard to know who to trust. It seems like every other day we read about some big corporate data breach or some malicious actor using our private data in ways we’d never knowingly allow. But with all the legalese buried inside privacy policies and licensing agreements, and all the complex settings required to fine-tune our experience, eve tools meant to protect our privacy leave much to be desired.

This is where trusted developers come in. The Developers Trust Alliance is a collection of software writers, distributors and producers that have agreed to adopt a set of basic principles around data transparency, security and stewardship. The trust alliance mark is your indication that the app or service you’re using was developed with these principles in mind.

Technology influences every part of our lives: from our mobile phones connecting us with friends and providing directions, to smart sensors in our cars helping avoid accidents, or the thermostat in our homes working to reduce monthly energy bills. These are modern conveniences most of us can’t imagine living without.

But what makes apps and products work efficiently? It’s the data.

“Data” can be a scary word in today’s world. We hear about breaches and hacks and scramble to find whether our data was exposed and how to protect our information going forward. Yet, what about all the innovative products using consumer data that make our lives easier? Certainly we wouldn’t want to participate in a system that violates consumers’ expectations of privacy, but we can’t allow the bad actors to define the many good developers and the entrepreneurial products they can create because of data.

The Developers Trust Alliance was created to give developers a set of Best Practices to follow when it comes to user data, and serve as a resource for consumers about how their data may be used and what to expect of a Trusted Developer.

The developer Best Practices are based on three core principles: openness and transparency, security and data integrity, and responsible data stewardship.

When a developer agrees to follow the Best Practices, he/she is allowed to place our Trusted Developer icon on his/her website or app. The developer community understands the relationship between consumers and users is built on trust, and adopting the Best Practices is a sign that the industry is stepping up to protect consumer data and commit to being responsible stewards of peoples’ information.

Our mission is to make the Developers Trust Alliance a recognizable badge that a trusted developer, one who abides by the Best Practices, showcases and that consumers know is taking measures to protect their information.  

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