Developers See the Need for Best Practices in Data Sharing & Security

The debate over the future of the digital economy has arrived. Developers, who are on the front lines of trends and innovation, are ringing the alarm on what they see in the industry. The Developers Alliance recently launched a survey of developers in our network, and 57% of developers and appreneurs say that the industry doesn’t take the issue of data security and data privacy seriously enough. The lingering question remains: how do we address this?

Behind the App: How Developers Are Operating, Scaling and Measuring Success

With the introduction of smartphones and tablets in the 2000s, there has been a rapid expansion of the mobile application market worldwide. In July 2008, 25 years after the Aspen Conference where Steve Jobs first predicted the creation of a software distribution system, the first mobile application store was launched by Apple. Within a week, over 10 million downloads were made on the Apple Store. Within 60 days, the Apple Store had over 3,000 applications available in 62 countries. Three months later, the Android Market was launched and soon became the second major mobile application platform.

Competition in the Mobile App Ecosystem Report

The mobile app economy, and the ecosystem of stakeholders that support its growth and success, are the topic of discussion among policy makers around the world. To take the true measure of the mobile app market, the Developers Alliance asked hundreds of mobile app publishers and developers from around the world for their views on competition, opportunity, and the state of the industry.