About the Developers Trust Alliance

The world of data is evolving; from how it's collected, used, managed, and stored to the user-developer relationship. There's a gap between what consumers think is happening with their data, or what they read in the news when there's a breach or hack, and what measures developers are actually taking to ensure security, transparency, and the responsible use of data.

It is the mission of the Developers Trust Alliance to offer developers a set of principles and best practices that promote user trust, and to educate consumers and those outside of the developer community about the different types of data and how data is used.

For consumers, the project is meant to highlight those apps, services and websites that take privacy seriously, and to provide a quick and easy visual cue to set your mind at ease. By taking a few moments to understand the Principles published here, consumers can more easily understand the commitments behind the individual privacy policies of our members. The Trust Mark is your indication that our Principles have been adopted by the services you choose to trust.

The Developers Trust Alliance is a project of the Developers Alliance, a global advocate for software developers and the companies that rely on them.